Curt Weldon Letter to Joe Biden

Dear Joe,

What a great day for Delaware, what a great day for the Fire Service, what a great day for America! Vice President of the United States Joe Biden – what a fantastic opportunity for the United States and the World!

I  never really got to know Barrack Obama but I was impressed with the campaign and his ability to unite people of all persuasions. You and he have a unique opportunity that only comes along once in a lifetime – destiny is yours! Our country needs this dramatic change like never before.

There is no one more qualified than you to support our new President and provide the world with a new approach to problem solving. Your vision, your intellect and your ability to lead are essential at this time in our nation’s history. All of us who have known you and worked with you could not be more proud.

This note is just to congratulate you on your success – I want nothing except for you to be the best Vice President ever! My Delaware wife and extended family are all elated – we are praying for you and your success.

Attached is a memo of opportunities that you might find of interest. You’ll find it provocative but the absolute truth. I am prepared to quietly or publicly assist you and the new President in any way that I can be of service. The world is in turmoil because of our leaders’ arrogance – you have the opportunity to truly create a new world order.

God Bless You and Your Family,

Curt Weldon

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