Map – Al Qaeda Cells Worldwide

Al Queda Networks Worldwide

Includes 5 key cells one of which was in New York City – This Chart was developed PRIOR to 9/11 from Open Source Information and identifies by name the massive network of Al Queda Operatives worldwide. The Able Danger Team was the only organization that included Open Source Information in the Data Mining analysis being received from US Intelligence Agencies. While Curt did not ask to be briefed on the actual mission of the LIWA (and Able Danger) Curt was aware of their work because of frequent trips he took to observe their work and methodology. At Curt’s request, members of the LIWA Team put together a proposal to create a National Fusion Program under the control of the White House and POTUS. The 9 page Proposal that Curt requested became known as the NOAH (National Operations and Analysis Hub – Policymaker and Warfighters Tool to deal with Emerging Transnational Terrorist Threats. At Curt’s suggestion, DepSec of DOD John Hamre visited the LIWA and received a briefing on operations and capabilities. Hamre was so impressed that he tasked the LIWA to perform and analysis of Chinese attempts to access US sensitive technology. The NOAH Team thanked Curt for getting Hamre to the LIWA and briefed Curt on the results of the China analysis requested by Hamre as soon as it was completed. Curt suggested to Hamre that he would secure Congressional funding for the NOAH and Hamre agreed to oversee implementation although he admonished Curt that nothing could or would happen unless the two key agencies (CIA & FBI) agreed to share their raw data through the Fusion Center. At Hamre’s suggestion, Curt invited senior leadership of the FBI and CIA to meet in Curt’s Office on November 4, 1999 (two years prior to 9/11). Curt handed the 9 page NOAH Brief and told all 3 attendees that he could and would secure funding for the NOAH. After discussion, the FBI and CIA thanked Curt but offered little interest in pursuing the NOAH. Curt spent the next two years speaking at Intel Conferences and Workshops on the need for a National Fusion Center (Website). As the Founder and National Chairman of America’s 1.2 million Firefighters/First Responders Curt was incensed when 9/11 happened because he had been warning USG Agencies for two years that were not prepared. Ironically, one of the key recommendations of the 9/11 Commission was for the creation of a National Fusion Center.

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