Map – China Technology Transfer

China Technology Transfer

One of the largest security scandals in US history occurred in the mid to late 1990’s when evidence surfaced that some of our most sensitive military technology had been transferred to China. Emotions and concern was so great that Congress enacted bi-partisan legislation creating a Select Committee on US National Security and Military/Commercial Concerns with the Peoples Republic of China. More commonly known as the Cox Commission because of Chairman Chris Cox, Curt was the most junior Member appointed to the 9 Member Commission. Working in closed sessions for a year, the Commission heard testimony from experts in all US agencies as well as outside sources. The final report passed 9-0 and stated that “America’s Security had been severely harmed by Transfer of US Technology to China”. The White House was provided an advance copy of the Final Report and took actions two months prior to release to create a false narrative including the arrest of DOE LAB Scientist Wen Ho LI, who, months later was released with no charges ever field. Working with friends and analysts within the USG, Curt produced two Charts that document deliberate actions by the Clinton Administration to naively and often times deliberately to allow ‘dummy companies’ created by the China PLA to access some of the most sensitive US technology. Cox did not want to include reasons for the security breach so Curt and his team prepared the first Link Chart showing all ‘dummy’ and ‘front’ companies for the PLA tied to campaign donations in the 1996 Presidential Elections.

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