Map – Neural Networks Worldwide

Neural Networks

In the mid-1990’s, Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff General Hugh Shelton stood up a Top Secret Program entitled ‘Able Danger’ for the purpose of collecting worldwide actionable intelligence against Al Queda worldwide. Headed up by Navy Commander Scott Philpott, the small Able Danger Team consisted of highly qualified intelligence operatives and analysts pulled from several agencies. Core capability of Able Danger was the use of raw data being fed from various intelligence systems of the Federal Government coupled with “Open Source” information pulled worldwide from a variety of sources. The Land Information Warfare Assessment Center (LIWA) was the operational arm of Able Danger and their unique approach of the use of Neural Networking was not being used by any other US intelligence agencies. As Vice Chairman of the Armed Services and Homeland Security Committees and Chairman of the Oversight Sub-Committee for all DOD Research & Development Funding, Curt was supporting the financial oversight of the military services Information Dominance Center located at the LIWA.

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