Map – Trade Center Plot

Trade Center Plot

Also prepared by the same Able Danger/LIWA Team was this Chart depicting the Time Line and Plot of 9/11. A detailed summary of the lead up to 9/11 and Able Danger is also on the website. The 9/11 Commission refused to invite Curt to testify on facts to which he was personal aware even though he was the Vice Chairman of Armed Services and Homeland Security Committees. All during this time (since 1987) Curt had also been the Founder/Chairman of the Congressional Fire & EMS Caucus and had visited the WTC during the first bombing in 1993 hosted by NYC Fire Commissioner and FDNY Deputy Chief Ray Downey who had personally escorted Curt through the bombed out parking garage. Curt and Ray would become good friends and, as a result of their interactions and discussions, Curt prepared legislation that became law to create the Gilmore Commission. 60% of the 9/11 Commission recommendations had been made PRIOR TO 9/11 in three reports completed by the Gilmore Commission. After Curt published his book Countdown to Terror (which was publicly endorsed by former CIA Director Jim Woolsey and Gore CIA Advisor Jack Caravelli) former FBI Director Louie Freeh opined in the WSJ that 9/11 may have been prevented had the intelligence that Curt revealed been made available to the FBI in advance.

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