Awakening The Sleeping Giant

Awakening the Sleeping Giant

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Firefighters and first responders are the backbone of America serving in 32,000 departments mostly as volunteers. Older than America itself, firefighters and first responders have protected us from every type of disaster but were ignored for years by the government at all levels.

Awakening the Sleeping Giant by Congressman/Fire Chief Curt Weldon documents the deliberate process over 30 years to politically awaken and empower these heroes – a process that can be used by any group in America seeking more respect and recognition.

In this groundbreaking Amazon bestseller, Weldon demonstrates, in real stories raging from sadness and frustration to success and unity, that firefighters and first responders in America and around the world can build bridges of understanding and cooperation so needed in today’s conflict-ridden times. Estimated as twenty-five million strong in all nations, firefighters and first responders can build “One World for Life.”

* All proceeds generated from the sale of this book will be donated to “One World for Life,” a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation dedicated to empowering firefighters and first responders in the United States and worldwide.