Mayor and County Council

Weldon Regional Economic Development

Beginning as Mayor of Marcus Hook, Curt has focused on jobs and economic development. As a candidate for Mayor, Curt proposed a four-page Agenda for Marcus Hook that outlined goals and objectives that would change the downtrodden image of Marcus Hook. A copy of that Agenda is available on this website.

Demanding respect and action by the County, State and Federal Governments was a key component of the Agenda. Marcus Hook’s income average and poverty statistics increased the County’s allocation of State and Federal resources, but in many instances, wealthier communities ended up receiving those funds. Coupled with the presence of the Pagans Motorcycle Gang (one of the 5 largest in the US) the economy of Marcus Hook remained stagnant while higher paying jobs in the refineries and industrial plants were given to those who resided out of town.

Curt would boast that his number 1 challenge would be to become the cheerleader who would work to change the image of the community in every way. Successes achieved during Curt’s tenure as Mayor included –

  • Creating Marcus Hook’s first Planning Commission
  • Creating and Implementing Marcus Hook’s first Zoning Ordinance
  • Hiring a full time Borough Development Director with PA State funding
  • Creating the non-profit Marcus Hook Community Development Corporation
  • Creating a Town Newsletter and Annual Reports to the people
  • Accessing funds to design and build the Riverfront Park
  • Accessing funds to design and rebuild the Community Park
  • Accessing funds to install professional night lights for the Community Park
  • Negotiating and acquiring the former FMC site for a Community Center
  • Negotiating and acquiring the ownership rights for the Viscose Fire Department
  • Testifying before the PA Legislature and US Congress on the need for Safety Standards for Underground Storage of Liquified Petroleum Products
  • Creating a Strategic Economic Development Strategy for Marcus Hook
  • Increasing the size and stature of Police Department from 3 to 20 full and part-time officers

Success in Marcus Hook led Marcus Hook’s image to become one of the 5 most improved communities in PA as determined by the Democrat Governor and Secretary of Community Affairs.

Success in Marcus Hook resulted in Delaware County Council Members Charles Keeler and Faith Ryan Whittlesey to suggest that Curt be appointed to fill the vacancy of Whittlesey upon her nomination by President Ronald Reagan to the White House. Curt served five years on County Council ultimately as Vice Chair and Chairman of County Council.

During Curt’s tenure on the Delaware County Council the following milestones were achieved –

  • Creation and leadership of the Countywide Economic Development Partnership
  • Implementation of the innovative Countywide Planning Initiative “DelCo 2000”
  • Creation of the County Environmental Advisory Board
  • Creation of the County Hazardous Materials Council
  • Creation of the Delaware County Community Action Agency
  • Creation of the Delaware County Federated Library System
  • Member and Chairman of the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

From Mayor and County Council to the US Congress Curt continued his focus on the regional economy. During Curt’s tenure in the Congress he led the formation of the following –

  • SMART (Strengthening the Mid-Atlantic Region Through Technology) Region Initiative – linking technology centers (including 618 Universities) in the 4 states (PA/DE/NJ/MD) with common federally funded technology initiatives endorsed by 8 Senators and 41 US House Members in the SMART Region
  • Tech Trends National Technology Conference in Philadelphia with Keynote Speakers from every Federal R&D Agency
  • HUBS Initiative – Linking Hospitals, Universities, Businesses and Schools in 4 states
  • Philadelphia International Medicine – Creating a Regional Medical Centers Hub as a Medical Resource Center Worldwide
  • International Rotorcraft Technology Initiative
  • International Tiltrotor Technology Coalition