International Leader for US/Libya/African Relations

Congressman Curt Weldon

International Leader for US/Libya/African Relations

October 2010

Congressman Curt Weldon served 20 years in the US Congress as Vice Chair of the Committees overseeing all Military and Homeland Security Issues and Funding. In his leadership role Weldon defied US bureaucracy in leading the 1st Official Bi-Partisan US Delegation to visit Libya in 25 years in 2004 after meeting with Dr. Saif Islam al Gadhaffi in London.

Weldon led all three of the 1st Delegations to Libya meeting with Leader Gadhaffi on each visit, once inTripoli and twice in Sirte. Weldon is the only US Official given the honor of addressing the Great Jamahiriya in 2004 at the invitation of the Leader. Weldon personally invited his friend Joe Biden to join him on his 2nd trip. Despite official efforts to stop Biden from joining Weldon, Biden attended the Great Jamahiriya the day after Weldon spoke.

Leader Gadhaffi spoke to Weldon on all three visits about his vision for Libya’s growth and economic success as well as his vision to empower Libya as the Leader for all of Africa, the Middle East and Western relations. Weldon has supported the Leader’s vision and ambitions since leaving Congress in 2007 and has returned to Libya on three additional visits.

Weldon has specific ideas for US/Libya cooperation in specific areas including –

Libyan Housing and Infrastructure Development

  • Libyan Educational Leadership and Worldwide Networking
  • International Health Care for Africa through Libya
  • International Investment for Africa through Libya
  • International Disaster Leadership with the Gadhaffi Foundation
  • Misrata Port Development
  • Al Rabta Pharmaceutical Factory

Weldon and Dr. Saif Co-Chaired the 1st International Oceans Security Conference in Tripoli in 2005 attended by over 250 Delegates worldwide. Weldon wants to brief the Leader on the 2010 Investors Conference and seek his support and involvement.

Weldon seeks a meeting with Leader Gadhaffi to provide a status report on his efforts since their 1st three meetings and to outline Weldon’s current and future efforts as Libya’s greatest champion in the West.

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